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mBRAINING the leading edge of cpd in coaching

  •  Stand out in your profession; learn simple yet powerful techniques to empower lasting change in your clients lives.
  •  Complement your skillset with neuroscience-based mBIT Coaching
  •  Become a professionally certified mBIT Coach and join a fast-growing field that is taking the world by storm.


Do you sometimes have clients who suffer from conflict between their thoughts feeling and actions? Or clients who find themselves not acting upon or sabotaging their dreams, goals or plans? Do you ever have clients who experience difficulty in making decisions or stopping unwanted behaviours or habits and don’t really know why? Or they feel like something is missing and they’re not fully connected with their deepest self?

If so, chances are your clients are not fully aligned in using the power and wisdom of their multiple brains. When coherently aligned, the heart, head and gut produce an emergent wisdom that allows people to tap into intuitions and competencies that you cannot simply get from the head brain alone.

Ultimately, mBit Coaching is about helping and facilitating clients to bring their human spirit alive and to operate in an emergent, adaptive, congruent and neurologically aligned way. There is so much to this profoundly simple evolving framework. It is an exciting time to be learning and participating in this new field of mBraining.

How can I book my place?

Call us on either 01524 782984 or 07513425966

Email: lesley@transform2succeed.co.uk

Via Twitter @transform2succeed or like us on Facebook and send a message.

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How much is it?

The full course is £997

Early Bird Rate £800

CCNet Member Rate – £750


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