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Even before I started dancing, I often used the language of dance to work with people. I know I’m not alone in that. It’s a powerful and versatile coaching metaphor that seems to resonate with people. Dance involves connection and communication, a kind of symbiosis and a recognition of our part in the exchange and flow of relationship; if I change my steps, you have to respond and change yours, or we are no longer dancing together.

I developed my Ballroom2Boardroom workshop to help people explore this in a practical, fun and thought-provoking way, through Tango. Complex and improvised, Argentine Tango relies on both leader and follower bringing their intention and focus to co-create the dance, step by step. In this session, I share what makes it work and offer insights for working collaboratively, embracing uncertainty, fostering creativity and working in an unknown, emergent space.

Whilst we will be drawing on principles from Argentine Tango, the session is NOT about learning to dance – you may have two left feet and feel terrified at the very notion, or you may be ‘Strictly’s biggest fan! No skill or aptitude is required. You just need to be comfortably dressed and willing to participate.

Sue Cox is an experienced Learning and Development Consultant and a Tango dancer. She has worked with leaders and teams for over 20 years and lived and danced in Buenos Aires for over 3 years. You can see her TEDx talk on Tango and Leadership here.


Join us for this very interactive and fun CPD Session where Sue Cox will take us through how to take the ballroom into the boardroom!

The session will be followed by a fabulous Christmas lunch.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.

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