What is Coaching

What is Coaching?

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Coaching is used in many varying contexts as a powerful tool to help individuals perform at their best. The value of coaching is being increasingly recognised by individuals and organisations throughout the world.

Coaching is future oriented and focusses on individual growth and personal development. Offering both support and challenge, it aims to help you clarify what you want, move you on when you feel stuck, and help you meet the challenges along your chosen path.

Although it can be therapeutic in effect, coaching is not therapy or counselling. It is also not advising, telling, influencing or consultancy.

The process

The coaching process is a series of focussed conversations that help you to move towards your goals.You decide the agenda. Your coach is responsible for keeping the conversation productively on track.

During coaching you will be questioned, encouraged, challenged and supported. Direct, open communication is core to the success of the process and unless otherwise agreed at the start, the content of each coaching session remains confidential between you and your coach.

Coaching is not a quick fix and usually takes place over a period of months. It can be face to face, telephone based, or a combination of the two. Action is often recommended along with email support between sessions.

The benefits

Different people experience different things when they work with a coach, but you may well experience some of these benefits:

  • Building clarity and focus about what you want as well as what you don’t want
  • Exploring new ways of thinking whilst building on strengths and experiences
  • Unlocking your potential and overcoming barriers
  • Improving your performance and prosperity
  • Developing a personal style
  • Gaining confidence to stretch yourself further
  • Improving your communication with family, friends and colleagues
  • Achieving your goals and ambitions

The coach

All the Cumbria Coaching Network coaches have different styles, specialities and life experience. If coaching appeals to you, take a look at our our coaches profiles and see who fits your requirements and personality best.


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