Coaching Supervision

We have received this letter about Coaching Supervision from Will Medd. Clearly coaching supervision is an important part of our professionalism as coaches, so if anyone is interested, do contact Will.

Dear Cumbria Coaches,

I came to a couple of events with you a few years ago and keep on your mailing list. Unfortunately the timing of events to date hasn’t coincided well with my commitments though I do hope to make future events.

I’m writing because I have decided to develop and challenge my coaching by training as a supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy.  Like training as a coach, training as a supervisor involves working with coaches and so I’m on the look out for working with people who might want coaching supervision. 

 There is more about me and my general coaching approach on my website – My practice, which has been full time for the last 3 years, involves working full-time as a coach through a combination of 1-1 coaching, group coaching, peer-coaching programmes, coaching workshops and mindfulness programmes. Having offered support to training coaches, supervision to peer-coaches and following guidance from my supervisor, training to be a supervisor feels like a natural step.

Personally I’ve found supervision incredibly rich and valuable.  Whether reflecting on specific coach sessions and how I might have worked differently, exploring ethical challenges, thinking broadly about coaching in relation to the rest of my life, or indeed, engaging in questions about the relationship between coaching and other practices, I’ve found it essential to maintaining my own developing practice.   I’ve decided to undertake  the training with the Coaching Supervision Academy having been impressed by supervisors who trained with them, the variety of methods they include in the programme and their recognition of the need to keep alive what I think has to be an ongoing question of who you are being through your coaching.

Do you get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Wishing you well,



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