Coaching Individuals

Coaching Individuals

Are you going through change in your life or are seeking to make changes?

Are you dealing with a difficult situation and feeling unhappy or stressed?

Do you want your life to be more fulfilling or are you grappling with personal or career issues and wondering where to go next?

Coaching Conversation

One to One Coaching

In any of these situations, a personal or life coach can help you work through the issues, and support you in identifying what you want, setting goals and making a plan to move your life forward.

Or you may have exciting goals you are pursuing and here a personal coach will help to keep you motivated and focused.

At different points in your career, you will come to a point where you think “what next”. You may feel stuck in what you are doing and desire a change, but not know what you want in the future and how to attain it. A career coach will help you work through these issues. Many career coaches will draw on exercises and questionnaires to help you clarify your skills and values and what you want from your career. They then guide you through a process of looking at options, gathering information about options, making choices, setting objectives and making action plans to achieve your goals.

A coach will not tell you what to do. They will support and challenge you, ask you questions to prompt your thinking, listen to you and help you work through your issues and come up with your own solutions.

Cumbria Coaching Network Coaches have a wide range of skills, experience and approaches. If you are interested in coaching, take a look at our directory of coaches. Any of our coaches will be happy to talk to you on the phone without obligation, so you can see who would be the best coach for you.


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