November Meeting – Generative Coaching Session with Florence Madden

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Generative Coaching With Florence Madden

“Generative” means to create a result that has never existed before in the world. It is the power of the entrepreneur, the artist, the philosopher, the inspirational leader. Generative Coaching is a set of tools for working with clients to enable them to discover and harness this power within themselves. It enables clients to transcend problems rather than just ‘sort’ them, and to move onto new, previously unimagined levels of creativity in both their personal and professional lives. Unlike conventional coaching, Generative Coaching treats barriers and threats as opportunities for deep personal change.

When we are at our best/in the flow, we are not just thinking with our mind but also with our heart and our gut (our somatic mind). Similarly when we get stuck with a problem…..we usually experience the ‘stuckness’ in our head (cognitive mind). Generative Coaching focuses on getting the coachee into the optimum state to generate solutions from the cognitive, the somatic and something called the ‘field’ mind (the larger field of experience around us).
In our session on 17th November we will focus on:

·         What is Generative Coaching ?
·         A practical exercise for getting into the optimum state as the Coach as well as the Coachee
·         Observing and then hands practice at some Generative Coaching Approaches

The day will begin at 9.30am with teas and coffees. Lunch is included in all ticket prices. Please book your place below, fees can be paid on the day.



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