January Meeting – People, Planet and Profit

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People, Planet and Profit: How a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy can boost your coaching business

Business owners in Cumbria often find it difficult to get positive publicity and sometimes even wonder why they do what they do.  A corporate social responsibility strategy will help you stand out from the crowd. Corporate social responsibility, often abbreviated to “CSR,” is a company’s initiative to take responsibility for its effects on environmental and social wellbeing. Any business, large or small, new or established, and in any sector, can benefit from developing a CSR strategy.
Benefits include:
More customers
Brand loyalty
Positive publicity
Improved staff motivation
More profit
The workshop is aimed at leaders of small businesses who are interested in achieving these benefits by addressing the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit. The concept might be totally new to the business or the company may have dipped their toes into aspects of CSR, perhaps without even realising it. Links with the local community and charities, reducing energy use or sourcing locally and ethically can all form part of a CSR strategy. By the end of the workshop the participant will know what kind of CSR strategy will work for their business and will have an action plan for taking their ideas forward to improve their bottom line.

About Karen Bentley-Brown

With several years’ experience in fundraising and development in the not-for-profit sector alongside significant business development work through the ERDF-funded waste minimisation project, LEADER projects including a local orchard development project, Knowledge Transfer projects for the University of Cumbria and recent business support experience through Cumbria Chamber of Commerce I have put together all my knowledge and skills to develop a CSR toolkit to help organisations maximise the benefits of their ‘triple bottom line’; people, planet and profit.



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